Integration, failing on createUploadSession call

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Implementing against universal print graph api.

Have so far got result for

- getting print shares using :


- creating printer job :



and now I'm stuck with createUploadSession call:



Based on I need to have PrintJob.ReadWrite.All permission, which I have  (including 
but when I try POST request with body




    "properties": {
        "documentName": "example.pdf",
        "contentType": "application/pdf",
        "size": 144547



then I keep getting "UnknownError - The token does not have one or more required security scopes", i.e.




    "error": {
        "code": "UnknownError",
        "message": "\"The token does not have one or more required security scopes.\"",
        "innerError": {
            "date": "2020-10-30T14:48:12",
            "request-id": "9b6e5a98-2b38-428c-9175-335bfce3feee",
            "client-request-id": "9b6e5a98-2b38-428c-9175-335bfce3feee"






what are those "security scopes" what it is after?


Unfortunately sample app is outdate so this doesn't even use this call. Sample app is using deprecated call 


so no hints there.


Does anyone know solution for this?


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Got reply on my question in


that I would need also PrinterShare.ReadWrite.All permission. This got further from this initial error message to next - seems application/pdf is not supported :S


Unsupported document-format: application/pdf.
Supported formats: Attribute document-format-supported: SimpleIppValue-Type:MimeMediaType-Value:application/oxps