Empty page sent to printer


When printing DIN A4 pages, a single empty page ist sent to the printer after each page of the document.

The device default settings, servers printer settings (UP connector), and the client printer settings are set to DIN A4. 



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@ThomasStensitzkiGRK are you seeing an extra page at the end of the document, or an extra page between each printed page? If you are seeing a blank page in between each page, check the document you are printing, and if it is originally in a different size (Letter, for instance). It might be that the length of the page is longed than A4, so a soft page break is being inserted before the hard page break, resulting in an extra page. If it is only at the end, then the same may be happening but only on the last page. 




It depends. I will track the print situation for different documents, e.g. single-sided, double-sided, and multi-page.
But I have noticed that the same DIN A4-PDF document is resized to 92% for universal print, but only to 97% when using the local printer driver. This document resizing results in a different print result when using universal print. A header graphic is cut when printed using universal print, but remains uncut when using the local printer driver.


Local printer driver:



Universal printer driver:



@ThomasStensitzkiGRK thanks for the information - Can you open a Microsoft support case for this so we can gather some more information to see why the Universal print driver is rendering differently than the local print driver? In the Azure Portal, search for Universal Print to open a case with our team. 



@Philip_Demaree Case opened.