Connectors High Availability options?

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Thank you for providing me the Universal Print private preview. This is a very nice experience so far.
When I turn off the computer that's running the connector, documents will not come out of the printer. 
I have added my printer via the designated connector computer, but what are the High Availability options? Just installing the connector on a secondary machine? Or is the printer associated with a connector and adding a secondary connector won't make sense? Could you please elaborate on this? Because I can really see the potentials, as long as this can be made high available.

Thanks team! 
Kr, Raymond


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@raymondesray Universal Print supports registering each printer using 1 Connector. High availability and load balancing are not available yet.


The best way to help us land this feature as soon as possible is to submit the idea on our Ideas page so that we can prioritize it!

@raymondesray - Wanted to drop you a quick note suggesting you check out YSoft's OMNI Series solution here:  With two or more OMNI Bridge devices running the OMNI UP365 connector app, OMNI Series provides the High Availability features you seem to be seeking.