Connector installed on Win 10 client. After uninstalling, Connector still shows in Azure Portal.

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Installed MSFT U.P. Connector on a Win10 client.  Since it's been uninstalled from that client it's still an active connector from the Azure Portal.  Shouldn't it be removed from the Portal once removed from the Windows client?




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What you're seeing is expected behaviour. The ability to unregister connectors so they would get removed from the list in the portal is in the Universal Print backlog. If this is functionality you'd like to see soon, please add it at to help us prioritize it.

@Rani_Abdellatif   Yeah, I would think the ability to keep the list of Connectors up to date would help manage a global footprint.  As Connectors are decommissioned and new ones are stood up I would think you'd only want only active Connectors in the list.