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We are deploying a Universal Print printer by a Configuration Policy in Intune. We see a lot of errors, with the error type "1" and Error Code "-2138701812". What does this errormessage mean?

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@LauraArrizza - can you help with this?

I suspect that this is due to the Windows 10 client not having the latest updates installed that include support for the Intune settings. Can you check that you have the correct version support?

@LauraArrizza and @Saurabh_Bansal Thanks for helping!

Can you please specify the build / version number that the Windows 10 clients must have, in order to support the Intune settings?

I am also seeing this issue in about 10% of my devices. I see most are on 10.0.22621.1848. Is there a specific KB that needs to be installed?

@abraxid, please explain a bit more about the issue you are hitting.

Are all the printers failing to install on the select devices?  Or, are only some of the printers failing to install on the select devices?  If only some of the printers are failing to install, how many printers are set in the configuration policy?


@sindrew, the configuration policy can be pushed to

If you are continuing to see issues, I recommend opening a support ticket with Microsoft support.

I have 4 printers assigned to different groups of users (based on location). I assigned the configuration profiles in intune.
Settings status:
Cloud Device ID (User) Succeeded
Install (User) Error -2138701812
Printer Shared Name (User) Succeeded

Group 1) 1/9 failed.
Group 2) 43/432 failed.
Group 3) 1/10 failed.
Group 4) 43/519 failed.


Check the McpManagementService in services on the client device having issues and see if there is an error in the description. I had the “Failed to read description, Error Code: 15100” error message there.
The first change i made was to fix this manually via registry although I'd suggest you do this after trying the other change I made. The is a chance this error is a symptom of the next bug found.

1. Tweak the Registry

The “Failed to read description, Error Code: 15100” error message in the Description of a Service also occurs when the particular Service fails to read its description or when the description string is not present.

So open Registry Editor and navigate to the following key:


Change the value data for DisplayName and Description values to Universal Print Management Service

Restart your PC and you will now see that the MMC shows Universal Print Management Service for the service name and description.


1. Check for multiple work or school accounts on same profile.

In my scenario, I had two work accounts signed in on my profile. Settings > Accounts > Access work or School. After disconnecting from my second account leaving my primary, I restarted my Intune management service to restart the universal print provisioning. hey presto, all started working after a few minutes and all my universal print printers auto deployed.

Note, I have my provisioning setup up to auto deploy via intine CSP. If you don't use this, you should be able to install manually by searching available printers associated with work or school. This option was also not working prior.

Hope this helps