Change print job status via Graph API

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How can I update print job status using Graph API?


I followed this document Extending Universal Print to support pull printing to set up pull printing.


When a job created by printer with a task trigger. It's "paused". Then I try to set the print task from "processing" to "completed", the print job status is changed from "paused" to "Pending".


I just want to change print job status using Graph API, how can I do that?

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@HuongTD3 - currently updating print job status via Graph is not available. We are actively considering this feature. You may post this request on .






Do we have any other method to update job status? I'm using graph API to create a virtual printer and create jobs for this printer. Thanks in advance

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@HuongTD3 - job status can be updated using IPP APIs and following IPP-INFRA spec. IPP APIs are typically targeted at printer hardware manufacturers.

Universal Print documentation can be found at OEM Universal Print Device Development Overview - Universal Print | Microsoft Docs.


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