Cannot not finnish the sign-up

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Due to circumstances, I was only be able to complete the sign-up partially of Universal Printing. Because of this I can't use the promo code again to finish the sign-up.

I can login in my preview environment but have no further rights there.

Nor can I grant licenses.

Who can help me with this to get it working or show me a direction.



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Hi @AMS_Admin 

Have you followed all the steps as prescribed in this document?

It would help you to single out the problem and help you solve it completely.

Currently, Universal printing is available as a preview and not as a full blown application.

It needs proxy ports to set it up with the printers of your choice. It does not have the cpaability to solve the issues for you.

Hi @Abigail05 During the signup I had a malfunction of my browser. It stopped at the question when a check had to be made of a txt record. I was unable to create that record and I also cannot remember which record name I need to create to perform the check. That why the sign up isnt finished completely.

@AMS_Admin, sorry to hear that you ran into an issue while trying to complete the sign-up process.  Please message me directly and we'll see what we can do.




@Jimmy_Wu , the problem is solved. The sign in process was completed but in a test environment I didn't expected. The first look is that everything is working well and I will be testing.


Thanx for your reply.