Can you print anything except OXPS using GraphAPI?

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I read about PDF native support being in the works, but it isnt working yet.


Is there any other format supported at the moment? To my understanding, the uploadSession is the only way of printing a file and it seems, it only accepts oxps.



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@Chris1974 You need to send the print job in the one of the PDLs that printer supports. Universal Print doesnt do conversion.


The only exception is that you can send OXPS even if the printer supports only PDF. All Universal Print connector based printers work as OXPS printers since the connector software sits on top of Windows Print spooler.


If you want to send PDF (or any other PDL format) to connector based printers, or want any other conversion, please file your idea in detail via  Please explain the scenarios of how each of those conversions solve for you!


You may also consider using third-party SDK to convert to printer PDL before uploading the job in Universal Print.