AD/AAD authentication for HID cards

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Attempting to setup UP through connector with Sharp MFP's.  Desired end state is HID card based authentication for users.  Have already identified a need to import these card numbers into an attribute  in AD/AAD so it can be queried.  My question is whether or not there exists a native way to query this information so that users will not have to enroll their badges on every printer.  There seems to be quite a few 3rd party services that do this through a database, but these can be difficult to support.  Have already tried LDAP queries, but that still requires username/password at the printer.

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Sorry, this question is outside of the scope of Universal Print as it is specific to how the HID badge solution works with the Sharp MFP's. Universal Print currently does not offer badge solution.

If this is of importance to you, please post your feature request at