User Code Setting and Tray Selection

User Code Setting and Tray Selection
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Current Universal Print do not support below and it would be great to have it.

1) User Code Setting - Important for printing confidential document where printer won't begin printing until user enter passcode physically on printer

2) Tray Selection - Important for organisation that use multiple paper size/type on different tray


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Better yet! The ability to add certain vendor printer-driver specific commands like:




Tray selection

Would love to see functionality for setting User ID and/or password in order to support saving print jobs on the copier(s).

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Any plan to allow users of web-based MS Office products to select an available cloud-based printer and print?  Also, it would be ideal if users of MS Office 365 desktop apps (PC/Mac/Android/iDevice) would be able to see and print to Azure AD cloud-based printers.  Both of these would be super helpful in a higher education environment where MANY more faculty and students need the ability to print from personal devices than university-owned equipment.


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@Julian Maartens 



There are multiple requests in this thread and we are unable to update its status because these different requests have different statuses.  

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@Rani_Abdellatif perhaps the status should focus on original request on top of the thread, there is no way to block others from posting irrelevant comments/request.


@Bryan_Lim, thanks for responding.

The original post has 2 items:

1) User Code Setting

2) Tray Selection


I would really appreciate it if you split Tray Selection to a separate post.




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