Universal Print for Linux Clients

Universal Print for Linux Clients



 Mar 19 2021
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Not planned

Saw an entry for MacOS (and mobile), and wanted to express a need for Linux client devices to be included as well, as we have a growing number of Linux clients being leveraged.  

Please add in Ideas if you have not done so already.

Although we don't currently have plans to provide this feature, we would like to get more information about the scenarios this is meant to enable (e.g. any linux app can print to a cloud printer with Universal Print).

Also, considering that linux is open source, can this be done through the linux ecosystem of ISVs?

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Intune and Azure AD support for Linux has been announced, so we will start managing Linux clients in 2022.  How do we push this feature forward so that it supports Linux hosts that are enrolled, and may need to print from Edge, Teams, or other apps?