Printing a Document Secured by a PIN (Secure Print)

Printing a Document Secured by a PIN (Secure Print)



 Nov 03 2020
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Below is the features list for secure printing :

  • Sending a Secured Document from a Computer to the Machine
  • Printing Out Secured Documents via PIN
  • Possibility to configure PIN length- 4-10 digit.
  • Secured documents can be held in the memory of the machine for 30 minutes
  • Possibility to rest the PIN securely 
  • Restricting Printing from a Computer for example HR, FI, Legal etc
  • Checking the Printing Status and Log for troubleshooting and auditing 
  • Guest Printing 
Status changed to: In progress
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I thought this was a native function already :\

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Randomly generated PIN per print job would also be quite useful. Administrators should be able to configure this setting in Universal Print in Azure as well.

Status changed to: Completed

Windows 11 supports user-configured PIN release for Universal Print ready printers that support PINs.


To help us prioritize asks, please create separate requests to track related features like admin-configured and randomized PINs.

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"Status changed to: In progress" Can you give us a update when this will be release?

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Can you tell me if secure print will be available for all users?

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I am also interested in universal print and being able to send  Secured Documents to the printer and having it in a hold queue till a user is at the printer to release it using their AD account or a pin the user creates. Thanks.


@CSHSYSADMIN - this is already supported in both Windows 10 and Windows 11. You will need a printer that supports PIN printing via Universal Print. Please refer to page for manufacturers that have already introduced this in their printers. 

If your printer is not in the list, please reach out to the manufacturer of your printers requesting necessary support.

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Alternative to a pin, do you plan to implement perhaps a mobile app that can release the print job?