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Native Intune Support

Native Intune Support



 May 13 2021
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Even though this is a marked as 'complete' feature in


This is not the case that requries a lot of manual work with the win32 intunwinapp as well as manually copy/pasting the share guid and printer name into a csv file.


Has to be better than that!

Status changed to: In progress
Brass Contributor

While I agree, I think the current implementation is good enough for now and would rather see dev resources getting some important missing features implemented first and then come back to this one as a phase 2.

Status changed to: Completed

Thanks for your feedback! An updated management experience is available in Microsoft Endpoint Manager.


Please see this blog post and the Universal Print integration with Microsoft 365 Ignite session for more information.


Please refer to Universal Print settings available in Microsoft Endpoint Manager - Microsoft Tech Community for announcement on native Intune/ Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) solution.


This solution is currently available for Windows 11 devices only. It will soon be available for Windows 10 too. Check here for latest updates - Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365.