Job notifications

Job notifications



 Jun 03 2020
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it would be a great improvement if it were simply possible to specify API Endpoints that would be addressed when a particular printer has new jobs to process. Alternatively, connecting a messaging protocol (XMPP, AMQP, etc.) would take the load off the endpoints and a virtual printer would only call the API when a new job is actually available for it.

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A notification mechanism would make it possible to combine other printing solutions with Universal Print. A virtual printer could be registered where all jobs would arrive. If an appropriate notification would then be generated, the 3rd party solution could pick up the job via the API and do further processing / route it internally.


Secure Follow Me Printing could be realized efficiently that way! See Feature Request "Secure and Follow Me Printing"


Ideal would be a message queue (AMQP, ...) where you can register (Google offers this with XMPP for Google Cloud Print).

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