Integrating Universal Print with Microsoft Information Protection

Integrating Universal Print with Microsoft Information Protection



 Aug 17 2021
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Microsoft Information Protection is really valuable and we could setup it on the cloud and on-premise. For both scenarios , it would be nice to have a policy to set specific printers which are allowed to print confidential documents. For example, let say we have 10 printers and we want to set only two of them be able to print confidential documents. In this case for non-Confidential documents user will see all printers would be able to print it and for confidential documents user will only see like two printers. Currently we have two policies like user allowed to print or not. But sometimes we want to set a policy like user allowed to print confidential documents and we place them in specific location with limit or protected access.

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Thanks for the suggestion @Reza_Ameri! This feature request is already being tracked here: Add support for Rights Management and Information Protection - Microsoft Tech Community


Additionally, we have published a survey where we're collecting more information about how customers are planning to use this feature. Please fill it out and help us prioritize this feature:


Microsoft Information Protection printing capabilities - questionnaire

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Thank you @Braeden_Petruk_MSFT 

Please consider these options too, since I already post it here, I won't repost it in other place and I ask you to collect these and add them to the main feature request.

In case, I had new ideas, I will fill up the form which you shared.

@Reza_Ameri I copied your example over to the other feature request and linked back to this one.

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Great, thank you @Braeden_Petruk_MSFT