Improve the pricing model for Business Premium

Improve the pricing model for Business Premium



 Aug 11 2023

We are an MSP and have been an MS Partner for 30 years. Our clients are mostly SMEs and we are pushing them towards Business Premium. Many of our clients are eliminating on premise infrastructure by moving to SharePoint Online/OneDrive.


We really like Universal Print and want to include it for these customers - but the pricing model is a major stumbling block.


Firstly, only including 5 jobs per user for Business Premium but 100 per user for Enterprise customers is far too large a difference. In fact, many Enterprise customers will be shifting towards a paperless environment, where as SMEs are much more likely to live off paper.


We could live with this if the Additional Print Volume addons were more reasonable, but $25 for 500 jobs seems like a lot, especially when they don't rollover.


Additionally, the documentation is not clear as to what happens if the available print volume is exceeded.


Either increase the number of print jobs per user to something more reasonable, or give us a per user add-on with no consumption costs - I can't imagine that it costs a huge amount to process these print jobs.