Get label printer vendors onboard

Get label printer vendors onboard



 Mar 02 2021
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Looking into it

Label printing is super critical for warehouse applications. 


We need rugged devices from Zebra.

Alternatively Dymo, Brother(who has joined).

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Seconding support for RAW printing (ZPL). Would be great!

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Would be nice if Dymo labelwriters are supported. 

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In here as well. We are using around 150 Labelprinter worldwide, of which around 8 are essential for our production and built into machines and the likes.

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I am very surprised label printers are not already supported. This is an essential business requirement for so many companies.

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If you install the Print Connecter I guess everything is supported.

Hardware support out-of-the-box would be great.



But with the pricing, I cant see why we would go this way.

We can print just fine using our own devices or one of the many, many print connectors.


It dawns on me that Universal Print is meant as a cash-cow.

So whatever :)

Perhaps someone creates an open protocol at some point.

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@JSN00 at least for us it is not done with having just the print connector:

1) Some of those printers will get their print commands "directly" but still over the print queue. Possibly we could connect them to the servers directly, but we prefer to have all printers connected via one channel. Otherwise no one would no where to look.

2) Currently there is no support for custom paper sizes on UP.

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Same here. I've installed a Zebra label printer on the print connector with the latest ZDesigner driver and tried to map it on my client. It doesn't work. Windows says: Status not available. Printer is connected to the network and accessable over the webinterface. Or do I have a missconfiguration?

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Over a year after this came up: I know several companies waiting on this feature, including mines. Please escalate this topic.

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Also looking for Dymo support as we only need UP for non-standard printers labels and plotters.

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Is there an update with regard on this request?
We are also looking for Dymo support

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We would also need Brother label printer. 

Greetings Daniel

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Almost 2 years and still nothing?!? Comon Microsoft, do something...

It seems this awaited feature is critical for many business around the world... (one more over here).


I have Zebra ZT411 that I can connect to the connector, but forget about making it work properly, dosen't respect paper size settings.

We also have a couple of old SATO CL408e that I was able to make it works just fine with UP (except for many very little margins that I don't want, but hey I can at least print some labels).

Really wish there is something coming up to cover this...

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SDI supports wide-format plotters and well-log printers across Universal Print.

We can pretty easily add any label printer to Universal Print as a registered printer, and we can support any size document - well outside Microsoft's limited list of page sizes.

We can plot to multi-roll wide-format plotters any size (36", 42", 60" - doesn't matter).
We can print Oil & Gas well logs continuously, easily up to 100 feet. I think we have some 500 foot logs.

I would love to talk to Microsoft, but I would also be happy to talk with anyone seeking a Label solution.

Microsoft Universal Print connector in Azure cloud (

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Still nothing? Would like to see that label printers like dymo,zebra,brother etc. will be compatible. I do have a dymo now that won't work i can make it shared via UP, but it won't print anything. 

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Would be great if this feature would be rolled out. I use this in combination with Business Central and universal print, we need UP to print to Label Printers.

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Is there a status update on this feature request? We're looking to migrate to Microsoft Universal print but the support for Zebra printers is a hard requirement.


Or possibily an alternative brand of label printers

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How can this be an "Enterprise Feature" without Label Printer Support? 

Please do something, Microsoft .... Doesnt want to integrate third party tools because of this. 

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Seriously, not being able to even select the paper size so that it can work well with thermal printers is so disappointing. Universal Print is such a clean thing to setup and use it's a real shame that it's actually not very smart.

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@TheVillageIdiot my company can run continuous media of any size over Universal Print.  We are very familiar with thermal plotters, and we might be able to help you.  We'd love to get an understanding of how you would use Universal Print in your workflow (market research).  

If you are interested, you can use the chat on our website to get in touch with me, or you can email me.

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Support for Zebra label printers, especially in conjunction with UPS Worldship, is very important to us. Even with the existing instructions ( the printout does not work.

The label, which is 4x6 inches in size, is inserted by UP on DIN A4 and then printed on the 4x6 inch label...

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We are using labels printers and we need to migrate all our printers to universal print.

Models : Toshiba (TEC B-SX8T) and Sato (CL4NX)

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We are using an Printronix T6204 label printer for our enterprise application which needs to be connected for automated printing in the backend via Universal Printing. 
Please deliver full support for label printing.