Delegated secure release

Delegated secure release



 Feb 07 2024
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Looking into it

To use secure release with Universal Print, it’s required that the user who releases the print job at the printer be same user who sent the print job.

It would be use if I could delegate job release to someone else. For example, students can send print jobs to a printer, but a teacher can release them and collect the printouts. Another example is an executive sending print jobs and an assistant collecting them and filing them.

Copper Contributor

Indeed, this is a very cool thing. Try copying the module from the Wi-Fi camera. The idea is good. For example, in an educational environment, students may have access to submitting print assignments, but to maintain order and control over the printing process, the teacher may be authorized to release those assignments. This approach allows you to maintain the security and confidentiality of data, and also simplifies the management of the flow of printed documents. I approve!