Connectors working together to provide High Availability

Connectors working together to provide High Availability



 Apr 09 2020
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Looking into it

Connectors working together to provide High Availability.

Now one connector is associated to one printer. If connector is down, printing is not possible. Just like similar solution as we have with multiple PTA agents. 

Status changed to: Not planned
Status changed to: Looking into it
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Definitely should be prioritised if Universal Print is supposed to be used in a production environment.


Should also help with scale-out, as multiple Connectors could process multiple print jobs in parallel, allowing for higher total print throughput. Similar to how the Dynamics 365 Commerce printing solution works, with their Document Routing Agent.

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Should be one of most important features because, only this way you can remove the need of having Servers at office for printing.

Otherwise you need to install it on device which always has access to printer, after that you need to think how you will handle printing in case that device or agent will fail. In case printing is critical service in your business.


Looking forward for this feature in near future.

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