Change the quota system for Azure Universal Print

Change the quota system for Azure Universal Print



 Jun 10 2021
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For our customers that requires anywhere from 2000 to 10000 print jobs each month, the system of purchasing packages of 500 jobs will be an issue causing possible disruptions or at the least unnecessary administration! Can you PLEASE implement a system for payment per print job, that is counted and payed for after each month? 

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This is especially true for education systems. USAFA has 9k employees/students but only gets the limited number based on the A5 faculty licenses. Need benefits rolled into A5 student benefit licenses.

Status changed to: Looking into it

@Kjetil_Ermesjo Thanks for your feedback! We're still researching the pay-as-you-go licensing model you proposed, but in the meantime we have now made available a 10K add-on that makes it significantly easier and more affordable to purchase large volumes of print jobs.


It's available in all sales channels along with the existing 500 job add-on. Please see our updated documentation for details about the new add-on.