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Assign printers to install automatically via Azure Universal Print Portal

Assign printers to install automatically via Azure Universal Print Portal



 Aug 09 2022
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This solution would be complete if we could both give them access to their printers (already available) and set which printers they get installed automatically in the same console.  One stop shop for printer access and install configurations.


Is this meant to be with or without Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) in the tenant? Do you have a similar approach to installing apps on user's devices (i.e., Does an app admin decide what gets installed on the users' devices)?

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We have Intune but we need to deploy printers without Intune.  We can’t use Intune with our VMware Horizon non-persistent desktop images.  We use multiple methods to get apps on end users devices.  We prefer that end users get default printers and are able to add other printers ad hoc as needed.

Status changed to: Completed

Our current support uses Microsoft Endpoint Manager as Intune Admins are responsible for creating the client policies, and since printer provisioning is a client policy it needs to come through Intune Admin and not Print Admin.


Your use case is interesting, but specific to VMWare.  We don't have this planned as of now.  We recommend that you open a different idea with specific ask in the title and details on how it should work in the description (as we are not familiar with VMWare and their implementation).


FYI, Universal Print is available for both Windows 365 as well as Azure Virtual Desktop.