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Great, just got the mail that i am in.
But now it is not so great du the corona virus the schools are closed in the netherlands

for now by government until 6 april, but we al think until june


So i can not test this


Eric redegeld


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@Eric Redegeld Hi Eric!

I've just filled in the application form. Did you had to wait a long time to be approved? (When did you send it?)


I'm very curious for this!


Laurent from Belgium

@Eric Redegeld, we completely understand. We expect you to prioritize your family and community! 


Let us know when you are ready and we will be happy to help.



@Saurabh_Bansal, I'm in too and have set up Universal Print but our offices are closed and the staff is working remotely because of the coronavirus issue and so it is basically impossible to test.  Curious what would happen if the UP Connector is offline or removed?

@Jeffrey Allen - thanks for letting us now. We understand the situation.


One possible option to test that some of our customers have tried is to use your home Windows device as a Connector and then add home printer. This will help you test and check all features in Universal Print. We do understand that testing the real scenarios may take some time.


All print jobs for the printers connected through the Connector flow through it. If it goes down, then jobs will wait in the queue until the Connector is back online.