Who sees a shared printer? All users, licensed users, or users with permissions?

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Who sees the printers that have been shared from Universal Print? I have my connector running, a printer added, and have just shared it. Do all users in my organization see this printer? Do users only with Universal Print licenses see it? Or do only users with permissions on the printer see the printer when trying to add a new device in the Printers & Scanners?

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Hi Greg, the only printers that people can see will be the people assigned access to the queues. For example I have setup 2 printers, 1 for IS and another for directorate. Our MD is able to find his own printer but not the IS printer. You have to assign the printers within the admin tool. This can be done by individual user or groups.


I just tested this with a user. He wasn't able to see the printer initially. I then assigned a Universal Print license to him, and when he searched for the printer it showed up. He was able to add it to his device and then was also able to print to it even though the printer queue was not assigned to him.

@John_Mason have you seen the same issue as me? Is there anyone else on this forum that can help with this?




Hello, i'm also seeing the same thing.. Even if there is no user assign to a queue, they can see it and send a print job to it.  

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UP license assignment is required but it doesn't give users access to printer shares to which they were not added.


By "queue" do you mean a Universal Print "printer share"? If so, let me make sure I understand:

  • You installed a printer on the connector
  • You registered that printer with UP from the connector app
  • You went to the Azure Portal and you shared the printer and did not add any users or groups as members of that printer share.

If that is the case, then only users who have the roles "Global Administrator" or "Printer Administrator"  with UP license assigned to them would be able to discover, install, and print to that printer share. If a non-admin user can discover it, then please create a support ticket.

@Rani_Abdellatif Thanks for the clarification. It was, in fact, a global admin with the UP license assigned that was able to discover and install the printer.