Unsupported document-format: application/pdf.

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Hi Everyone


We have commissioned a Business Central v18.0 environment and added a Azure Universal Printer to it, which works outside of Business Central. When printing a report from Business Central via the Azure Universal Printer we get this error:


Could not upload the document to print job 9. Unsupported document-format: application/pdf. Supported formats: Attribute document-format-supported: SimpleIppValue-Type:MimeMediaType-Value:application/oxps






I get the same error when attempting this from the mobile app on iOS as well. 


In Universal Print Portal in Azure the jobs show up with a status of Paused. If it makes a difference we are using a Connector 





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This is a feature that we're currently working on. Please upvote it and add a comment letting us know if you'd like to test the pre-release when it's ready:

@Rani_Abdellatif  Thanks for that. I am wondering how anyone is able to use the new Universal Print in Business Central? If reports generated from Business Central are in PDF format and Universal Print only supports oxps, or am I missing something? Dynamics 365 BC 2021 Wave 1 - just released -  has added support for Azure Universal Print but I don't see how it is possible to leverage that?

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Thank you for keeping the conversation going.


Universal Print supports both PDF and XPS. The target printer is what affects whether those formats are supported or not. I'll explain more:


The new version of BC works today in 3 ways

  1. With Universal Print Ready printers (those that don't need a connector to communicate with Universal Print). Please take a look at this information about printer manufacturers that offer these printers here: Partner Integrations - Universal Print | Microsoft Docs. You may find that there's a firmware upgrade for your printers that give them this capability. The manufacturer of your printer will be able to provide you more information about that.
  2. In environments with connectors created by our partners where the connector supports PDF.
  3. On Windows devices by installing the cloud printers on the device and printing to them locally.

The piece we're working on is adding support for PDF in the Microsoft connector (by converting the PDF sent by BC, or any other app, to an XPS that could be sent to printers installed on the connector).

Please try the pre-release feature in the connector and give us feedback. The steps to enable it are in the troubleshooting guide here: "Unsupported document format: application/pdf" error
We're making some improvements and will soon release this feature in the connector.

Thank you.



Thanks for the detailed response. Understood. 

FYI, I ended up following that troubleshooting guide and enabling the pre-release feature which worked.

How did you get it to work @SamSpronk .


After executing

C:\Windows\PrintConnectorSvc\UpdateConnectorConfigJson.ps1 -Feature Connector -Name enable-documentconversion -Value true


The error message only Changed to 


Document Conversion is disabled. (Universal Print Connector 1.43.7761.21726)


My config.json (C:\windows\PrintConnectorSvc\config.json)  contains only these 2 values:

"enable-hybrid-ad-aad-environment": "false",
"enable-pdftoxps": "true"