Universal Print issues with printers installed

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Hey,  I am encountering some issues I cannot resolve.

For some people, the shared printer from universal printing stops working - no apparent reason.

Removing the printer and adding it again has helped - for a while.  But on my surface pro, for example - You remove the printer, but it still shows up as being installed when you search to install it again.

Whatever you do, the work or school search shows the deleted printer is still installed, so it is impossible to add it again.

To get around that, I previously created a new printer, but it isn't a good solution.  Anyone experienced a similar thing?

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@marknich - Best option is to reach out to Microsoft Support (use the links on Universal Print portal). You should get direct help from someone.


You can also create a Windows Feedback. This will be looked at (no definite priority/timeline) by the Print team at Microsoft.


To create Windows Feedback follow the steps below:

  1. On Windows device, launch Feedback Hub app
  2. Click on Report a Problem
  3. Enter title and as much detail as you can (with repro steps)
  4. Choose category as Problem -> Devices and Drivers -> Print
  5. Click on Make new bug
  6. Under Add more details, click on Recreate my problem -> Start Recording
  7. Select both checkboxes (Include data about Print (default) and Include screenshots)
  8. Go through each step in your repro
  9. Come back to feedback hub and stop recording
  10. Click on Submit
  11. After clicking, you will get an option to Share. Click on that, copy the URL and share as response to this thread.




@marknich Did you ever figure out a fix?


I've got a similar issue on my laptop and noticed the same issue on another machine.

If you want to print something, the cloud printer does not show as an available printer, but when you go to add a new printer it shows the cloud printer as installed with no option to re-install


I stopped using Microsoft's deployment methods to automatically install printers via universal print.
That is when things would get messed up - unable to uninstall printers and reinstall them, printer would stop working and be unremovable.


If I let the users install their own printers, there would be much less issues.

I've run into this issue and still looking for a solution - there is no alternative when you need to point your cloud printer to something like Business Central that needs it.

@yaseen777 - sorry to hear that you are facing this issue. Can you explore reaching out to the Support?


This may be a known issue with Windows 11 21H2 and was fixed in 22H2. You can try updating to 22H2 and see if this issue is resolved.


One caveat - if there is a printer which is already in a state where its not installed, but adding it shows that its already installed, then it will need to be cleaned-up and Microsoft support can help with that.

Hi - 


The issue is that the printers are in a partially installed state. Go to Settings -> Bluetooth and Devices -> Devices (not Printers) and you should see the printers listed there. Remove them there and restart the system. You should now be able to re-install the printer. 


As for why the printers stop working in the first place, please open a Support ticket with Microsoft CSS Universal Print support team, and we can take a look. 



Thanks for your input, That is an easy fix and easily done, it was the first thing I tried.  With support we had to run some tools, disable all the intune security and modify the registry to remove the printers.  Support have no idea why the printers stop working. @Philip_Demaree