Universal Print - Error Sent to Printer


Updated the Canon to the new firmware which natively supports UP.  Registered the printer without issues. Shared the printer with a user.


Add a Printer in Windows 10

  • Admin: Shows the UP printer and adds everything works
  • User: Does not show the UP printer via Add Printer...
    • Configured MEM and installed the printer on Win10. Everything looks good, but print fails with Error Sent to Print
  • Both have the UP license assigned

Any ideas why I'm getting Error - Sent to Printer?


Additional Information.

I logon the machine as an end-user and don't see Universal Printers via Add Printer but if I logon as Admin I do see the Universal Printers viea Add Printers.  Looks like this might be something with UP licensing??


Saw this in another discussion thread.  Is this true as we are Azure AD Joined.  When a device is Azure AD Joined, not AAD Registered, then a normal user (no admin) cannot use Universal Print?


Thanks in advance 



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Hi @BikeTech 


Please double check if the normal user's account has been granted access permissions to the shared printer.  You can verify by going to the shared printer object and click on the "Access control" menu on the left.




As you can see, there's also the option to "Allow access to everyone in my organization", if that is preferred.


Users in the Printer Admin role automatically gets full access to the printer, which may be the reason why your admin account can discover the printer but the normal user account can not.




Hi @Jimmy_Wu 

I use a security group for the users and Endpoint Manager deploys the printers.  The printers deploy successfully and show up in the app 'Word'.  But when they print the queue says Error - Sent to Printer. The security group shows in the UP Access Control.  I have not selected Selected Everyone in my Organization nor have I used a person's name in the Access Control. 


The user can go to Setup>Devices>Printer and Add the Cloud Printers as well but still cannot print. What you say about Print Admin makes sense.  



@BikeTech Since the user can manually discover and install the cloud printer, the problem should not be an access permission issue.  If you are able, please reach out to Microsoft Support for help in troubleshooting.

@Jimmy_Wu Azure support is stating there is a known issue causing my issue and a backend patch will be loaded this weekend.  They ask I try again on Monday 11/23 to see if I can print successfully.