Universal Print and Direct Access

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A Direct Access Windows 10 ent. client on Internet
Is't possible for the user to add a Universal Print printer?

It's working on prem to add a Universal Print printer

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@Stefan Hammar

Yes. If a client machine can discover and add printers on-prem, it can do it from the internet. 

Ok, thanks
To verify, a direct access client computer do not interfere with the U-Print functionality ...


@Stefan Hammar 


It shouldn't. If you don't get any UP printers in the search results after you click "Add a printer or scanner", please click "Search Universal Print for printers" to specify more filtering info to narrow your search. That produces quicker results.

If you are unable to discover/install printers on an internet-connected PC that works on-prem, please create a support ticket so we could help troubleshoot.