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I'm trying to test out Universal Print on RDS. I've registered a printer from a Windows 10 machine. I'm trying to share this printer with a test user on a 2016 rds system both users have a license applied but  the "Search for printers in my organisation" option doesn't show on server 2016, is this supported ?  

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@Jack1290s There are two pieces of Universal Print architecture that we may be talking here:

  1. Universal Print connector - this acts as a proxy for one or more printers that may not have the capability to talk to Universal Print directly. You need to directly install the printer on Connector device and then register it with Universal Print using the Connector application (this is also installed on the Connector machine). Once the printer is registered, it needs to be shared via Universal Print administrative portal hosted in Azure. More information about connector and min requirements can be found here -
  2. Windows device from where user may print - Once the printer is shared and user is assigned license, they can install the printer on Windows device. Min requirement for Windows device that prints to Universal Print can be found in the Get Started Guide.

I recommend that you carefully go through each step in Get Started Guide -


Please let us know if you get stuck somewhere.