Replacing printers.csv with a newer/updated printers.csv via Intune


Hello, I'm at a bit of a loss with this one - I'm pushing out printers via the Universal Print Intune tool based off of the info on this link:


It works fine right off the bat, but I can't seem to find any info on how to replace that printers.csv file when a new printer is added or info is changed. I've tried adding it by replacing the .intunewin with the new printers.csv in it per Microsoft support recommendation and it never seems to update the file locally. Am I missing something? I'm wondering if I should just replace the old CSV via a script but figured I'd check in here first before going that route. Thanks ahead of time for any insight!

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Also interested in this, it seems a bit clumsy around how this is pushed out to devices. I haven't tried to use this yet but immediately had the same thoughts, how are updates made.

@mistermike The sample InstallPolicy.cmd should be overwriting the existing file, provided the old package has been disabled. If both packages are still being deployed, then the last one there will win. The other thing to check is that you are using the same designation for User/Device for the target of the package, as the printer.csv file is copied to different locations. However, both versions will be merged and the printers from both will be installed. Lastly, if you set the old package to uninstall, it should remove the old printers.csv file, and then the new package should install the new printers.csv. If you uninstall, does the file get deleted, and if you then wait a few minutes and push out the new package, does the new file get installed? That will confirm that both packages are working as expected, and something else is going on, such as being blocked from overwriting the package for some reason. 



One more thing is whether a new client that hasn't gotten a printers.csv file is getting the new printers.csv file. If it is, then the issue may be that you are trying to update the existing package which may not be re-deployed to clients that already have it, hence the need to use a new package with the new printers.csv file.



What I've been doing was just writing a script to delete the printer.csv file.


The policy to deploy the .intunewin will detect the file isn't there anymore and push the printer.csv down again. Though you have to update the .intunewin file with updated .csv files which is a constant pain if you add new printers.


Removing old decommissioned UP printers is also not easy.