Removing Universal Print

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I deployed this solution on one device and works properly. Now I want to remove this connector from Azure, but it's not a possible. 

There is no button like delete or Unregister Connector on Azure PrintConnectorApp.
The only one idea to remove this functionality from device is remove software from Control Panel, but there is entry on Connectors Page on Azure Universal Print. 

That could be a good idea to add this functionality to remove printers from PrintConnectorApp

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@Jakub Piesik thank you for the feedback. We are tracking this internally as well.


You are correct in that you can uninstall the Universal Print Connector software, although it will still show the Connector as registered in the Universal Print Portal. We are looking into allowing customers to unregister the connector if/when needed. Let us know if you are blocked on this and we can work with you offline to provide a workaround.


@keeron - it's not a blocker for me. I understand that is preview version and you need feedback.

So - I provided a feedback about removing / changing connectors :D

@keeron I uninstalled the Universal Print Connector software and re-built the Windows 10 host.  Re-installed the connector.  The old connector still shows up in "Universal Print | Connectors" with Health = "Unknown."  The shared printer using the new connector shows up as Ready and is working.  I'm not able to determine connector health from Azure.

@dnakanishi as mentioned above, the ability to remove the Connector isn't yet available. So for now, you'll have the old connector reference show up in the Azure Portal.


We are also working on adding the Connector health in future. For now, my suggestion is to look at the individual printer's status, as well as whether the jobs in each printer's queue are being processed (for example if you see jobs stay "Pending" for a while, or "Aborted", it is likely that something is not correct on the Connector)


If you have a specific suggestion on what type of health status or alerts would help regarding the Connector, I'd suggest posting them in our feedback section here. 


I would also like to remove a connector that I managed to half create (by installing the connector software on a domain-joined device which was only Azure AD Registered not Azure AD joined. 


It would be nice if the documentation were clearer or even better if you checked the status of the windows system in the install process. There must be lots of people in this situation. 


I thought I saw a command to remove these but I can't find it now.