Register a physical printer to the Universal Print service without a connector or a firmware ?

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I am new to Universal Print and I am trying to register a physical printer / hardware with the universal print service so that the print jobs sent to the virtual queue can be printed out on a paper.

I have been referring to the online documentation at -

So far I have been able to register a virtual printer in the UP service using MS graph api -

& then shared it with the user. User is able to submit print jobs to the printer and they are visible in the virtual print queue on the azure portal.

Now I want to send these print jobs to a physical printer so that they can be printed on a paper but the printer does not have a UP firmware and if possible I would prefer to avoid using a connector.

So I would like to know if it is possible to attach/register a physical printer with the universal print service without using a connector or a firmware ?




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@HimanJo as you know Universal Print is a cloud service, there needs to be a bridge between the physical printer and the cloud service.  The currently available options are a firmware update from the printer manufacturer or the Universal Print connector software or a 3rd party offering.


If none of those existing options are feasible options, you can write code to be the acting proxy.  For example, since you already have an application that is creating the virtual printer, that same application can fetch the print jobs and send it to the physical printer's IP address to print out.