Printing job stuck pending but a restart of Print connecter service gets them printed

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Hi Team,

I'd like to report that we have seen lots of issues with print jobs stuck in "Pending" status on the Universal Print queue. All the printers are hosted via the Universal Print Connector.

If we restart the "Print Connector Service" on the local printer server, the pending jobs print out with a few seconds. Is the Cloud loosing contact with connector?

We are running connector version "PrintConnector.Proxy.0.86.7489.21705"

Any advice would be great.


Paul - University of Cambridge

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@HughesHall, please create a support ticket for this issue. We need to collect some logs to zero-in on the root cause.

You can create a support ticket from the Overview tab of the UP section in the Azure Portal ( 



@HughesHall I have the same issue.

Print jobs stuck Processing in Universal Print.  When I restart the Print Connector the job will print.