Printers not showing in client

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Hi All,

  • I have set up the print connector
  • I have registered a new printer
  • I have shared it and also added a user
  • I have added a universal print license to the user
  • I have added the device on Azure AD

Do i need any other license?

The printer is not showing in the printers list.

I have read the comments from other users regarding the Hybrid Cloud Print but i haven' t use it in the past.

Do you have any other ideas?
Thank you, 


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@Dimitris_Topkas Are you using Windows version 1903 or beyond? Sometimes license change can take upto 30 mins to flow down to the Windows client. How long did you wait after providing license to install the printer?


If you continue to have a problem please contact support. Support request can be created using one of the following (based on your Support plan with Microsoft):

Hi @Saurabh_Bansal ,


The O.S. version is 1909, Windows 10 Pro.

I added the license 2 days before.

May i need any further license?

Or I will contact the support through a ticket.


@Dimitris_Topkas thanks for confirmation. Please contact support.