Print connector version update 1.16.7608.829

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Hey all, I see in the connector update blog that there should be a newer version of the connector available but mine does not seem to be auto updating itself. Is there anywhere to grab this newer version to do a manual install? I checked the connector download link but it keeps sending me to the 1.14.7564.21701 version. 





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Same for me. No automatic Update for the Print Connector and the Link still points to the 1.14.x Version.

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Apologies for the confusion! While we have begun rolling out version 1.16.7608.829 via auto-update, it's not available widely yet. The latest widely available connector version is 1.14.7564.21701.
You can either wait for it to automatically update to 1.16, or keep checking the manual download link.
We will update the changelog to clarify this as well -- thanks for catching the confusing language :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:



No worries, thank you for clarifying!