Connectors disappeared from Azure after reinstall

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After an incident were all our two test UP connectors were stuck (all UP printers were showing "last seen" at least 3 days ago and printing wasn't possible anymore. Prints were working on our print server locally but they weren't delivered to Azure), I had to reinstall them. The procedure itself wasn't as simple as described in How To - Remove a Universal Print connector | Microsoft Docs

For some reason before the final uninstall I had to remove the connector and updater MSI manually with MicrosoftProgram_Install_and_Uninstall.meta.diagcab as they were stuck, and after that the connector removal was possible. Everything was clean both on the server and azure (no printers shared/registered, no connectors left on azure)

After reinstalling, the connector didn't ask for a new name but used the old one, and though I'm able to register and share printers, the connector isn't showing up in azure anymore. I wanted to try by renaming the connector but seems this is still not possible. Any suggestion on how to get back the connectors on azure?

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