All print jobs error within Universal Print

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Print jobs show, 'Stopped' in Azure Universal Print after spooling in Azure PQ.  Will show 'Stopped' in Azure UP job log until I delete from the PQ.  Then job log changes to 'Cancelled'.


This happens to all functional print queues registered and shared successfully.  These print queues are fully functionally print queues on the Azure server they are hosted on.


Seems something on the Azure Universal Print solution causing this but I don't see any settings I can modify for spooling changes.

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You posted about multiple problems and I think there's something about your setup environment that requires more investigation because I don't see anything obviously wrong with it.


Please open a support ticket from

Would like to open ticket, but Universal print is not available in pull down!


I had UP working fine for all my printers & then it just stopped working (same as OP above)