Microsoft Partner Support (UK) - No answer

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I'm trying to reach someone in Partner Support however all attempts lead nowhere.

I've opened cases and they have been closed automatically without being fully answered.


I've tried to use the Partner Support Options located here:


Support by phone takes you to the usual process for opening a case, this does not provide an option in the list for the problem I'm having. It also does seem to just result in opening a new case so I'm back where I started and no phone number provided.


If I click chat online with an agent I get the following:


I am logged in to my partner account, I have tried multiple computers. 


I also tried calling the regular Microsoft Support number here in the UK 0344 800 2400 but it is an entirely automated service. It doesn't understand my request and also doesn't allow you to speak with an actual person.


Is anyone else having the same trouble?


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@partner8123 unfortunately there is no call center for MSFT support. You have to use the system to get help. What are you having issues with? I am not support and won't be able to help you, but maybe others have experienced the same issue and can chime in with what they did to resolve it. 

Thanks for being part of the community! 

@JillArmourMicrosoft thank you for your response.

We received the below 'MPA and CSP notice of suspension and termination proceedings'




Our company has been a Microsoft partner for more than 10 years. We have reviewed the agreement and see no reason for the termination, Microsoft are refusing to discuss the actual reason. Our feeling is that we have been incorrectly flagged but cannot challenge it without knowing the actual reason.


The questions never answered are that we need some assistance in understanding how the associated tenant ID will be affected. We have Office 365, Exchange, MS Action Pack, Visual Studio licenses, Entra ID and Azure services all linked to the tenant ID referenced in the above. 





Hi @partner8123


Wondering where you are at with this suspension/termination? Were you able to find out more information? Did it only affect your CSP agreement or was it also your Microsoft Partner status?


I got the same notice of suspension email last week as well and am also searching for more information.


Unfortunately, I contacted support and received this response:

In the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program Agreement, both Microsoft and our partners reserve the right to walk away from the partner relationship by providing 30 days' notice to the other.  Neither party is required to offer an explanation for the decision to terminate the partner agreement. As Microsoft is exercising its rights under this section 4.b of the Microsoft AI Cloud Program Agreement, we are unable to share an explanation or further details.


I'm hoping that Microsoft could have provided a little more detail to their 'valued' partners.




Hi @JillArmourMicrosoft 


Are you able to find anyone in MSFT that can shed more light on the "MPA and CSP notice of suspension and termination proceedings" emails that get issued. Partners are completely in the dark about why these are being sent out, with no supporting information or avenue to find out more details.


At this point I'm not sure if our Partner status is being removed or if it's only related to a CSP agreement. Contacting support provided no more information than what was in the original email.


Any details or assistance would be greatly appreciated.




Hi @MattBurr 

We were unfortunately unable to find out any more information from Microsoft, particularly about the impact this has on other Microsoft services that we have in the same Tenant ID.

I did ask various questions in my e-mails to Microsoft (I numbered each one) but I didn't anything that answers the questions, they then very suddenly closed the case.

It seems that they don't read/reply to any messages you send to a case that's closed.


My feeling is that there is literally no department at Microsoft handling Partner support. 

The online 'Chat online with an agent' is still broken (


I have also tried speaking with Microsoft Legal ( and reported a concern, the result was the same. They didn't answer the actual questions or find answers from the relevant departments, they just proceeded to close the case with what felt like a copy/pasted answer.



Thanks for your update @partner8123 


We found this today - it may explain the reason (at least in our case): Revenue requirement for CSP indirect resellers in Partner Center | Microsoft Learn


Microsoft will implement a minimum revenue requirement for existing Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) indirect resellers beginning in April 2024.


Microsoft support also confirmed it's only the CSP agreement that is suspended and not the Microsoft Partner designation.