Microsoft ActionPack - still missing Office 2021!

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For £420 per year it's pretty disgraceful that with Office 2024 due for release soon we still don't have access to Office 2021 in the Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (stuck on Office 2019).  Back in the day MS would send out CDs/DVDs in the post as soon as new software was launched but now they can't even be bothered uploading it to the website for us to download it ourselves!


I've spoken to two people at Microsoft about this, and even had a teams call.  While they were very friendly and understanding they were not senior enough to actually do anything about it.


Come on Microsoft - we're your 'partners' and you expect us to pay a LOT of money every year for the privilege.  At least get the latest versions on the Software Benefits site!


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Yes, it's a very unpleasant situation.