Employment Verifcation Failed after name change

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Hi all,


My business was a verified Microsoft partner and we made the decision to change the business name and domains, to reflect this change I updated our legal info in the partner centre and since then the business has failed verification for the reason: 
"This domain does not meet the requirements of our program."


I have opened a case with support which so far hasn't responded in a week, and there is no contact number to speak with someone to move this forward.


The real bit that puzzles me is the fact that the business has less of an external profile when we got approved initially so the fact the system is telling us we are failing now Im not sure why.


If anyone has any advice or guidance it would be more than appreciated.



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@BlairCFuzedit I'm sorry to hear of your troubles here.  Also connecting this response to your other post on this same issue. :)


You mentioned that you updated your legal info in partner center correct? Make sure it matches your registered domain paperwork EXACTLY. That could be the reason you are being rejected? 


Here is a post with some resource links you can read though to make sure everything else you are submitting is correct. Hopefully you can get through this process quickly. I know the support team is doing the best they can with the large amount of tickets they have currently. It could take some time to hear back from them. 


Hang in there! - jill



Hi Jill,


Thanks for the reply. I believe the issue lies with the domain invoice being in the previous business name and my home address. however, I supplied the name change documents and my proof of directorship as additional evidence. looks like ill just need to hold out hope that the support team will come back sooner rather than later.





Hi Jill,

I'm just wondering what the average time is to hear from someone on the support team, as so far I'm getting the same automatic message after about 9 days of no response.

I'm just looking for the best way to actually speak to someone to get this resolved as the case has now been open for almost 3 weeks and still no contact.


@BlairCFuzedit it can take a few weeks but it depends on how many cases they have in the queue. I hope you hear from them quickly! Keep us posted. If you don't hear back please let us know. 


Good luck! 

Hi Jill,

That's been another month and still no update from them.

Just a message to say it has been passed to a different team. but that's now over 2 months of no real update.

Is there anything else I can do?

@BlairCFuzedit omg that's awful!! I'm sorry to hear this. The only thing to do is wait and hope they can resolve your issue soon. Sorry for the I don't have better news, that team seems to be a bit underwater right now with all the cases they have. Hang in there!!!