URGENT: Labs Impacted by changes to Entra tenant: AZ-104, AZ-500, AZ-800

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We have been made aware of a new issue around the creation of Entra tenants that prevents Learners from completing labs. Learners are no longer able to create tenants, but receive a message saying, "Only paid customers can create a Microsoft Entre Workforce tenant."



  • AZ-104 – Lab 1
  • AZ-500 – Lab 2,3,4
  • AZ-800 – Lab 2


Currently, the Content Owners are working towards a solution for all impacted labs. I will then provide a status update hopefully by end of week.


Thank you.

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Now we're in Feb 2024. Any update on this problem?
I would like to know when this has been fully resolved as well. Thanks

Hello @jargo19  @Susantha Silva 


Thank you for reaching out, and I apologize for the delay in my responses. 


The Entra tenant issues with these labs should be completely resolved. Should you see any other issues please let me know. Thank you!

Hi Mindy,

I am delivering Az-500 class these days. I did not see the problem resolved yet. Most of the identity labs have been hidden in the official lab guides. Appreciate if you could provide more insight when you say problems has been completely resolved.


@Susantha Silva 


Of course, not a problem. Let me connect with the Content Owner and get you more information. :)



Could you also check with the content owner for az-800?


Of the labs listed above

az-104 lab 1 - replaced with updated lab

az-500 labs - have been hidden but not replaced

az-800 lab 2 - Still as it was before with instructions to enable trial




@Susantha Silva 


I am working on it. Apologies for the delay. 


Thank you!

@DaveCooke & @Susantha Silva 


We are not seeing current issues from other users that have been reported. 


What Lab Hoster are you each using for your courses, and have you opened a support ticket with your Lab Hoster?



I'm not sure what you think the ALH's can do to resolve this, all the ALH's do is pull the lab instructions from the courses GitHub repo into their platforms.


AZ-104 - Is now fine, lab has been changed to reflect the change to the P2 licenses.


AZ-500 - Has simply removed the labs that don't work, so there is no issue with the remaining lab, but the lack of labs leaves a big gap in the training, we've lost around 2 hours of lab activity and, as both the course and the exam focus on the features of Entra ID that are only available with Premium licensing, all we can do is talk about those features, there is no option to demo or implement, so not really meeting our learners expectations in this area.


AZ-800 - No change at all, the lab still instructs the use of the P2 trial that cannot be achieved. We use Skillable as our ALH and their approach is simply to provide the lab but include a note that says it can't be completed. Why include a lab for reference when there is no way of completing the actions? Again, not meeting our learners expectation.

Screenshot 2024-03-08 090719.png


There is a really simple fix for this issue, the ALH's provide the Entra ID tenants & subscriptions for the labs, if those tenants had a single P2 license allocated we'd be able to demo/use all of these features 



I understand your frustration. I have shared your forum post with our Lab Operations Team, to better provide support on this issue.


I'm hoping to report back with information tomorrow. Thank you for your patience. 

Hi Mindy, I am asked to teach the courses AZ-800 and AZ-801 in the end of May 2024. There still is an issue, that the 365 Tenant will expire on May, 17th in 2024!!! So, how will I be able to teach this courses? - Please advice!
@CarloWestbrookDE - Note that the AZ-800 and AZ-801 labs do NOT use a Microsoft 365 tenant in the lab exercises. So any issue with M365 tenants should not affect your AZ-800/AZ-801 deliveries at the end of May.

@Ronald214 @CarloWestbrookDE 


Hi Carlo --


Ronald is correct! You shouldn't encounter any issues in May with delivering these labs.


Please keep us posted should you run into any issues, and or have any questions.


Thank you. And thank you Ronald!