URGENT: Labs Impacted by changes to Entra tenant: AZ-104, AZ-500, AZ-800

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We have been made aware of a new issue around the creation of Entra tenants that prevents Learners from completing labs. Learners are no longer able to create tenants, but receive a message saying, "Only paid customers can create a Microsoft Entre Workforce tenant."



  • AZ-104 – Lab 1
  • AZ-500 – Lab 2,3,4
  • AZ-800 – Lab 2


Currently, the Content Owners are working towards a solution for all impacted labs. I will then provide a status update hopefully by end of week.


Thank you.

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Now we're in Feb 2024. Any update on this problem?
I would like to know when this has been fully resolved as well. Thanks

Hello @jargo19  @Susantha Silva 


Thank you for reaching out, and I apologize for the delay in my responses. 


The Entra tenant issues with these labs should be completely resolved. Should you see any other issues please let me know. Thank you!

Hi Mindy,

I am delivering Az-500 class these days. I did not see the problem resolved yet. Most of the identity labs have been hidden in the official lab guides. Appreciate if you could provide more insight when you say problems has been completely resolved.


@Susantha Silva 


Of course, not a problem. Let me connect with the Content Owner and get you more information. :)



Could you also check with the content owner for az-800?


Of the labs listed above

az-104 lab 1 - replaced with updated lab

az-500 labs - have been hidden but not replaced

az-800 lab 2 - Still as it was before with instructions to enable trial