Updated VMs for ALHs or where is WS22 and Win11?

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Hello TSP Team,


back in August I mentioned that the VMs in the current lab VMs are outdated.


The Domain-Controller is still Windows Server 2019 (Patched in August 2023) - Windows Server 2022 is missing. The Clients are now Win10 22H2 - Windows 11 is missing.


In August we got the feedback the content owners are working on an update to deliver current OS Versions (Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11) but with no specific timeframe.


Can anyone estimate when this is planned to rollout?

Or maybe someone can tell me an exact date?

How long does it usually take to refresh an base VM image @ Microsoft?



Mario Fuchs


Here is screenie of the DC (Windows NT Version 6.2 how funny say my students)


btw im certified on Windows NT 3.51 too.


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Hi Mario --


I am looking into this right now for you. Are there any specific courses you can share with me that I can go back to those Content owners to ensure everything is up to date on their courses?


Thank you!

Hi Mindy,

I think that affects all courses. E.g. MS102, PL500, MS203, MD102

Hope that helps,



Okay, thank you. Looking into this for you!

Hi Mindy,

are there any updates on that?