Update on Security Work Impacting M365 Tenants / Course Labs


Hi all, 


You are likely aware of the ongoing security work at Microsoft that is impacting M365 tenants and therefore courses that use those tenants in their labs. This information was provided on the March TSP Community Call. I understand this is a frustrating experience that may be impacting your ability to deliver classes. A resolution to this is top priority at Microsoft. 


I've attached an updated version of the FAQ that contains additional information on the current situation. My understanding is that significant progress is being made and we may soon have a resolution. I will keep you updated in this forum of any new developments. 


Thank you for your patience and partnership. 



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Hi Dan,

wow what a huge impact and disaster! We have several classes planned for delivery this and the next weeks. Can you please insist to revert it back to a working state.

That´s super frustrating:
* No Trial Tenants without credit cards available anymore.
* No API to create demo tenants
* Forced MFA with Authentication (for every account not GAs only) that is not working (timeout)
* No support or contact available for legal actions (thats all destroying reputation and revenues)

* ALH Support cannot help

* Content Teams are ignoring any tips and hints

* Ignoring many concerns about this MFA thing in training environments.

What does Microsoft think how TSPs and Partners should run their business!
That is impossible with that situation. Every week another issue!

And now: We are looking forward to get a solution in the next weeks (What?!??!?!!), but no real timeframe.


@DanDonohue we're 12 days since the last update, can you please let us know the current status, and give a progress update? A timescale of expected resolution is also required so we can plan our delivery schedules. The impact of this issue is massive, we have had to delay and cancel courses due to this issue and with almost 500 learners impacted, and soon to be more, we're at a loss as to what to tell them. 


How have Microsoft got this so wrong?  


Hopefully and expectantly awaiting an update. 




Hi @JohnParkin82


There will be an update posted to this forum soon, but to my knowledge it will not include a time to resolution. The scope of this is company-wide and there are a lot of moving pieces. I understand this has had a huge impact on our Training Services Partners. The work being conducted is vital to ensure the security of our partners, customers, and your customers. As more information becomes available, we'll update via our channels, including this forum.