Unable to get My DP-203 Certificate

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I have wrote the DP-203 Azure exam and passed the exam, though I receive the mail saying that I have passed the exam but I was unable to see the certificate on my pearson portal.
I have contacted the pearson about certificate but they said to contact the microsoft.
I can provide my Candidate ID and Registration ID.
can anyone help me in this issue.

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Your question is probably best answered in the Microsoft Learn Hub

That being said, have you checked Microsoft Learn for your certificate? Usually certificates are associated to your certification profile. You should have gotten an MCID associated with your account when you signed up.


If you have that, open Microsoft Learn and click on your profile picture. Then

If it is not found there, you may need to reach out for further assistance.

yea, I tried logging in to my account, but I see no certificates registered. Pearson Vue said to contact the microsoft customer care but I cant find the customer care number.
Good morning,
I'll leave the post hoping someone will see it.
I am a new MCT,
but I can't access my couserware MOC space,
They tell me that my email address is incorrect.

I tried to create a new discussion on the forum but, it is totally impossible at my level.

any help is welcome.
If that's the case you will want to make a thread post here:

When your question is related to certification, you should select the blue "Microsoft Certification" forum.

You will want to make sure you are accessing with the email address you used to register as an MCT. I prefer accessing the MOC courseware through the MCT Central website.

https://trainingsupport.microsoft.com/ if you open this link, you can click the red "Microsoft Certified Trainer" button to open that forum there. I am not sure what you mean it is totally impossible at your level.

Alternatively, your MCT Region Lead should be able to give you guidance here. Do you know your Region Lead(s)?
Good morning,
Thank you for this feedback,
I received the email telling me that I could log in to the Microsoft Official Courses (MOC) space via Courseware Marketplace.
When I try to login to this space with my MCT account, I get an incorrect account error.
I wrote to Microsoft support, and they advised partner support though.

That email must not be recent, as Courseware Marketplace no longer fills that role. Here's some links for reference for you.


If you are an MCT and you are planning to teach a class, you should be getting your materials through MCT Central with the Learning Download Center. Your Training Service Partner company should be familiar with how to do this. For your students, they will access Microsoft Learn as their textbook.
Good morning,
Thank you very much for this feedback,
Thank you very much, your answers helped me a lot,
I understand; MOC courseware migrates to Microsoft Learn.
Thank you so much.

@Mindy_Allison can you help here. 



Hi Alain,


I am following-up that you were able to resolve the issue, or do you still need support on locating your certificate?


Please let me know.

Thank you!