Training Services Solutions Partner Badge Availability



On today's March Community Call we announced the upcoming availability of the new Training Services Solution Area badges for qualified partners. As we await the launch of the full partner program later this year, we were able to develop a process to manually enable these badges via Logo Builder on Partner Center. This first round of badge awards will occur by April 17, 2023.

Who is eligible?: Partners who have met the new program performance requirements for 1 or more solution areas by close of March. Performance specifics can be found in our program overview deck on the Learning Resources site .

How do I know if I've earned the badges?: Microsoft will reach out directly to qualifying partners in early April. There is no current ability to provide partner-facing reporting on performance metrics. This will launch with the full program on Partner Center, as that platform is our validation for delivering partner program data to authorized users.

What if I don't qualify by end of March, but will qualify in the future?: We will continue updating the qualifying partners on a regular basis until the full program launches. Our next badge awards will come in June 2023.

Stay tuned to our channels (this community, the Learning Partner Community Call, and our newsletter ) for updates on the program.


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