The subscription is not allowed to create or update the serverfarm

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I am getting this error when creating a webapp or azure function. The subscription is not allowed to create or update the serverfarm. Please help me with steps.

Even not allowed to create free tier also, Have there any changes and implementations in using the azure pass code? any restrictions?



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@Mindy_Rosenthal, @Jill_Armour_Microsoft hi, can we (learning partners) have dedicated azure support team. As the response time is a major impact on the class room sessions. Even though we raised a support ticket, till now not received the response from back end team.



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Have you spoken to your ALH?

yes, but no solution. They simply says its technical issue and only azure support team can address. Further, We are reaching out to inquire whether any recent restrictions have been imposed on the utilization of Azure passcodes. We have encountered significant difficulties accessing the Azure student passcodes, particularly during AZ 400 training sessions over the past few months.

During these training sessions, participants consistently encounter the following error:
"status": "Failed",
"error": {
"code": "Forbidden",
"message": "The subscription 'aacb3810-b205-4b2c-8405-09a8ba2848f2' is not allowed to create or update the serverfarm.",
"details": [
"message": "The subscription 'aacb3810-b205-4b2c-8405-09a8ba2848f2' is not allowed to create or update the serverfarm."
"code": "Forbidden"

Additionally, we have observed that the Free tier is displaying as 0, despite deleting all VMs and services. We are unable to create any new services, including those under the Free tier, either via the Bicep template or directly through the portal. This issue persists across multiple regions.

This error has become a recurring obstacle during our training sessions, and it is increasingly challenging to reassure our students. It appears that Microsoft is consistently blocking these actions, and we urgently require resolution and clarification on this matter.

We appreciate your immediate attention to this issue and request a prompt response.



I understand your frustration, and I apologize! That's not the experience we want for our Learners. We have a full Microsoft support team available to help. Please utilize:


This is where you will want to go for any ILT support. You can submit a new question with the following choices shown below: 




Thank you.

We did. We've encountered ongoing challenges with Azure technical support since March '24. Unfortunately, the support team has been largely unresponsive, leaving us perplexed as to the reason behind this. It would be immensely beneficial if there were a dedicated desk for addressing technical issues specifically for learning partners like us within Azure. Currently, our queries are treated similarly to individual ones, causing disruptions during classroom sessions. It's disheartening that it often takes up to five days to receive a response. Nonetheless, we appreciate your assistance thus far. Thank you.