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Hello, apologies if this has been clarified elsewhere but i am confused with regards to the duration of the above course.  It was changed to three days (plus the one day applied workshop in March. in the latest title plan it still shows the duration as 3 days but with a note "8/18 Major update: 4-day duration changed to 5-day for Applied Workshop" the course is moving to 5 days?

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 Thank you for reaching out! 

Sorry for any confusion on this. Let me double check this for you to ensure I provide you accurate information. I will get back to you soon.  

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Do you have an update for this? It now shows on Learn as a 4 day class.




Hi, everyone —


Initially PL-600 was going to go from a 3-day delivery, to a 5-day delivery, with the addition of the Applied Workshop added. 

It was decided on a 4-day delivery, with the extra day being an Applied Workshop. Apologies for any confusion.


Here is what was presented on the Training Services Partner Community call yesterday Wednesday, to confirm all course durations with Applied Workshops. 


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