NEW ILT COURSE: IC-002T00: Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability


We are so very excited to share with you that today, 5/15 a new ILT Course offering is now available! IC-002T00: Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability. 









Thank you to the amazing content owner and content team for bringing this new wave of learning content to Microsoft Learn!

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hi Mindy,
The course modules are not on the Learn site. Currently it has the Learning Path "Get started with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability" with a single module "Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability overview". A total of 26 minutes of content, not 2 days.

Can you help us get the updated and full outline for this course and have the full content added to Learn?
Here are a few I found.

When I can't find something, I like to use the search with the filter. Here, I filtered for "training"

Have you tried redeeming the achievement code on a test account? That should "unlock" all related modules as achieved, so you can use that to confirm what is included in the course.
I believe it was mentioned on the call, but when can we expect localization of this material? I might have people in Japan interested in learning about the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability and its features.
to clarify, I am looking for PPT decks. The Learn pages look mostly translated from the short glance I had.

@TJWeber  Hello!


I am looking into this right now, and checking with the content owner to get it resolved.  Stay tuned. 



Hey! Thank you for inquiring about this course. I will reach out to the localization team, and see what's in the pipeline for the course.


@Mindy_Allison I just checked now and still dont see all the modules on the MS Learn site.  Pls confirm when this would be available?





Oh no, I'm so truly sorry for my delay in follow-up. I was on vacation last week.


I am looking into this right now and will ensure I get this resolved. Once again, my apologies!



Hi Josh --


Just wanted to circle back to this. Currently we do not have localized assets for this course in the pipeline. If we do, I will keep everyone informed.


Thank you!

Thanks Mindy

When there is no MS provided localization, what is our best practice for delivery? Are we able to utilize the materials and provide translations ourself, or are we advised to not deliver any course that has not been officially localized yet?

For what its worth, the other existing official localizations themselves could use some touch-up too :)