NEW ILT Copilot course coming July 5th!

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Release Date: July 5th, 2024

(Release dates are subject to change)


SC-5006: Get started with

Microsoft Copilot for Security


Course Description:

1-Day ILT

No Credential


  • The Learning Path, “Get stated with Microsoft Copilot for Security.” is currently available on MS Learn for self-paced Learners.


  • This July, we will release the ILT delivery for this course. The ILT release will include lab-like exercises that will give Learners the opportunity to FIRST experience the capabilities of the product through a simulated demo environment. Stay tuned!


Self-paced Learning Path can be found here:

Get started with Microsoft Copilot for Security - Training | Microsoft Learn

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@Mindy_Rosenthal Is anything known regarding lab or demo environment for this course?

I reckon it might be a challenge for the training provider to create a decently suitable lab solution (or even for demo only).

Will there be step-by-step simulation videos only?



Hi Jakob --


Currently those lab-like exercises are being worked on, so I cannot share anything just yet. I hope to have more information to share by the next TSP community call.


But do know, solutions for future Copilot lab environments are being worked on by the Content team.


Thank you