NEW ILT 1-Day Course Coming June 28th!

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Release Date: June 28th, 2024

(Release dates are subject to change)


SC-5008: Configure and manage

entitlement with Microsoft Entra ID


Course Description:

1-Day ILT

No Credential


  • This intensive one-day course offers a deep dive into Microsoft Entra Entitlement Management, Access Reviews, Privileged Access, and Monitoring. Participants will learn how to streamline access management with Entitlement Management, conducted thorough Access Reviews to maintain least privilege, manage high-risk Privileged Access, and implement robust Monitoring strategies to detect and respond to security events promptly.


  • Labs are integrated throughout the course to provide hands-on experience with the tools and techniques covered. By the end of the training, attendees will be equipped with the best practices and actionable insights to enhance their organization's security posture.



This course is targeted at people who want to implement an end-to-end entitlement management solution based on the principles of Zero Trust.  Students should have experience with Azure and experience in the creation of identities and granting those identities access to resources.


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