MS102 vs. MS102 Lab Pricing

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Can anybody please explain why MS102 costs about USD 34$ and MD102 costs about USD $66.

Its both a 5 day course. If we only use the tenant (not the VMs) is it possible to use MS102 labs for MD102 courses.

Thanks for any help.

Mario Fuchs

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Hi, @Mario_Fuchs 

I did check 4/5 of the ALH and you are correct that MS102 lab provisions are more affordable than MD102 labs. However, while both have overlap on 365 administration content and are 5 days in length, I believe MD102 discusses how to use some premium features and tools related endpoints that are not covered in general 365 admin MS102, which would lead to the discrepancy in cost. 

Just for reference for anyone wanting to compare the ALHs, here is the PDF I reference for the list of the approved 5 companies and their websites.

I believe the difference in tools would mean you'd need to use MD-102 lab for its course, however I have not taught MD-102 yet and would appreciate confirmation from @Mindy_Rosenthal  or @JillArmour 

@Joshua_R_Jones I will wait for @Mindy_Rosenthal on this one. :)



Hi Joshua --


I just got back from vacation -- I apologize for the delay, I am currently working on getting caught up and answering all forum posts. This one I am actually unsure of. I am reaching out right now to the Lab Operations Manager to see if what you shared is accurate. And thank you for supporting.